Here is a e-mail that I had sent to Bill Sprauer at the Philipsburg Ranger District offering our help.

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 15:58:41 -0600
Subject: Fwd: Re: Game pass damage

Hi Bill

Willie Worthy here in regards to the damage done in the Game Pass
area. I believe that Charlene had sent you copies of my
correspondence with her.

Our organization, Montana Back Roads 4x4 Club Inc., was very
upset that people with full size 4x4 vehicles had done damage in
the Game Pass area. We have a select group of about 20 members who
pride ourselves in the fact that we practice the policy of "tread
lightly". While there are a lot of trails in the Deer Lodge
National Forest that we would like to see opened, such as Game Pass
and the one over to Rock Creek Lake, we also understand that these
were closed for a reason that we will endeavor to honor. We
appreciate the fact that we do have a corridor open to us that
leads into the Thompson Lake area. However, it seem like every
time we head up to Thompson Lake we see numerous new "user made"
trails bypassing natural obstacles, mainly it seems so the riders
can keep their feet dry. It's actions like this that get our trails
closed so we are quick to self police incorrect behavior at every opportunity.

I would like to meet with you some time next week if at all
possible, to see just what we can do as a club to restore the
damage done and prevent future damage. I realize that it is getting
quite late in the season for work at that altitude and it may have
to be postponed until next July. Maybe if we are lucky we could
do a bit this year.

Willie Worthy
President: Montana Back Roads 4x4 Club, Inc.
Missoula, MT