Garbage Disposal

Now we shouldn't have to tell anyone about picking up garbage(yours or others) on the trail, but in case you don't find it that important, take a look at these facts!

We have all seen and picked up litter from along side of the trail. Ever wonder just how long that litter would stay there if not picked up? Here are some interesting facts on the life of some items. Not sure where I found this or how accurate it is but it is interesting.

Paper containers ------------2 to 5 months
Orange peels ---------------6 months
Wool socks ----------------up to 24 months
Plastic coated containers ---5 years
Cigarette filters -------------12 years
Plastic bags -----------------20 years
Vibram soles ---------------80 years
Aluminum ------------------100 years
Styrofoam ------------------Never!

Please pick up after yourselves and others.