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President - Michael Stevens
Vice President - Dick Riebe
Treasurer - Jason Summerfield
Montana 4x4 Association Delegates
Board of Directors


Club Members as of October 2017

Michael Stevens - President (no biography available at this time)

Austin, Maurice (no biography available at this time)

Ayres, John and Donna

Boldt, Bill and Charlene

Burris, Ron and Donna

Dobie, Jeff

Elmer, Pete and Karen

Emerson, Derek

Englebert, Erik

Erickson, Bruce

Garrison, Larry

Friedeman, Shawn

Gehring, Steve

Heisler, Matt (no biography available at this time)

Hood, Richard

Hillberry, Steven "Max" and Marie

Hitchcock, Jeremy and Angie

Jones, Ed

Kirkbride, Justin

Knapp, David and Karen

Knutsen, Steve

Lorenzo, Joe

McCord, Dave

MacGill, Jeff and Diana

Ness, Kyle

Pickles, Mark and Tami

Rall, Wade

Riebe, Dick and Sue

Riggs, James

Schaller, Paul and Kathy

Schweitzer, Jay

Slagle, Steve and Deidre (no biography available at this time)

Strandberg, Mark

Summerfield, Jason

Willie and Jeanne Worthy

Younkin, Jim

Zitzka, Rich


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