Paul & Kathy Schaller


NAME: Paul Schaller

FAMILY: Wife Kathy (Registered Nurse) Son: Ben 19yrs going to fire fighting school in portland Daughter: Nicole 4 yrs.

EMPLOYMENT : Electrician at a partical board plant

A BIT OF LIFE HISTORY: Born in north Idaho, moved to western Montana (Thompson Falls) at age 4. The next 34 yrs. there, a great place to live. Moved to Missoula in 97 after a fire a the sawmill I worked at. Remarried in 97 to Kathy .

4X4 VEHICLES: 1980 Jeep CJ5 and 1983 Jeep CJ5

MODIFICATIONS DONE TO YOU PRESENT RIDE: 1983 --- 33 in. BFG mud terrain, 2 1/2 in superlift,auburn limited slip in the rear(20)with one peice axlesand tru trac in the front(30), 4.10 ratio, 350 ci.chevy and TH350 automatic , mostly used for running around town with the top off 1980 --- 35in. MTR's, ultra wheels, dana 44 rear(power trax no slip) out of a 73 CJ5 and dana 30 (lock right)front, 3.73 raio, home made bumber with milemarker winch, NP435 tranny, 258ci. with clifford header and intake and aftermarket cam, 4in. lift. Hopefully this winter I can get some wider axles under it along with a chevy v8 conversion. Big plans..... limited time

FAVORITE VEHICLE OF ALL TIME: First generation Camaros, also El Caminos (I have 2 El Caminos a 66 and 69 ss 396), I love all old muscle cars, if I had to only pick one 1969 Z/28 RS Camaro( like the one I used to have but sold ....I don't want to talk about it any more!)

IF MONEY WAS NOT A OBJECT, WHAT WOULD YOU DRIVE OFF ROAD? I If $$ was not an object, I guess I would not have a regular job so I would have time to build my own rig. Not sure how it would turn out but I would start with a CJ 5,7 or Scrambler. I like CJ's

SAME QUESTION BUT ON ROAD: I really like some of the concept cars. How about a Chrysler ME412 V12 0-60 2.9 sec. 1/4 mi. 10.6@136 mph and looks good to me

FAVORITE TRAIL OR TRAILS: Really the only place I have been of any note is Moab. Been there twice without my ride and would like to go again when mine is ready. I wish Moab was closer.

TRAIL OR AREA THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO RUN SOME TIME, REALISTICALLY: Several that are close---- the sand dunes in oregon and rexburg, Idaho, any of the trails in the surrounding states, hopefully all in good time.


FAVORITE TYPE OF FOUR WHEELING: I will take any I can get. I don,t get out enough... there is that time issue again good weather and the top is off to enjoy the outdoors

WHAT OTHER THINGS DO YOU LIKE TO DO? I like to work on my vehicles, I follow pro football(Green Bay Packers), spending time with my family,working around the house

FUTURE GOALS IN LIFE: Really not too lofty.... Raise our daughter to be a good person. Try to keep healthy for my family. Continue to work at my present job which is always changing and interesting with the new technoledgy and new equipment being installed.

IF YOU COULD BE ANYTHING IN LIFE WHAT JOB WOULD YOU HAVE: Maybe a professional athlete like a quarterback, I am sure it is hard work but they seem to have a lot of fun with each other along with the comradery. Maybe a '70s or '80s rocker. Also being a good President and trying to run this country and deal with the rest of the world has to be an unbelievable challenge.