Book Review

Title: Backroad Adventuring in Your Sport Utility Vehicle
Author: Jonathan and Roseann Hanson
Year of Publication: 1999


Bruce’s Review:

Seemingly written for the Gen Xer who just traded in her Honda Civic for a Ford Escape Hybrid, this book is an excellent introduction to those venturing off the highway for the first time. It covers fundamentals of four-wheel drive, driving in varied terrain, basic vehicle preparation and repair, preparing for a trip, and camping. You won’t find much on rock crawling or fitting 35-inch tires, but the book is a fairly complete introduction to and training manual for those who have recently decided to explore the back country as their SUV was designed for. In somewhat of a schizophrenic twist, this book on the pleasures of exploring the countryside on dirt and gravel roads has a sidebar about how the US Forest Service has too many of these roads. At least the sidebar is prominently labeled and easy to skip.

What others say (selected passages):

Backroad Adventuring is the perfect introduction to "green" beackcountry travel and camping with a sport utility vehicle. the Hansons' guidebook is tailored to families who want to travel and camp and have adventures in the great outdoors--wihtout harming the land. They give the reader comprehensive advice, including: Advice on driving, maintenance, equipment, packing, and camping; Sidebars featuring real-life adventures; 4-wheel travel for families; An appendix of information resources, including equipment manufacturers and organizations.