Book Review

Title: Chevy & GMC Pickup Performance Handbook
Author: Jim Allen
Year of Publication: 2002


Bruce’s Review:

Very good book covering most GM pickup/blazer/suburban models. Lots of charts on factory tires, spring rates, engines, chassis specs, fuel tanks, etc. The focus of the book is on modifications - what works, what doesn’t , stuff that has to be changed when you change something else, etc. The author says it’s more a “what to do” book than a “how to do” book. An excellent book to use as a resource for dreaming what to spend more money on. There is a certain amount of product placement, but the companies are varied and it’s used to illustrate what’s available.

What others say (selected passages):

In the Chevy and GMC Truck Performance Handbook, author Jim Allen makes picking the right road for a GM truck buildup just a little bit easier. Covering two and four-wheel drive trucks from 1967 to 1996, the book will give you tips on building a trail busting 4x4, a Baja conquering prerunner, a blindingly fast sport truck or a hard working hauler.

The book covers the GM truck from bumper to bumper, spending extra time in areas where the author's experience as a writer for a variety of truck magazines has shown that owners have the most trouble. If you want to build a top-notch GM truck of any sort, the Chevy and GMC Truck Performance Handbook can help you do it without draining your brain or your wallet.