Book Review

Title: Hiking with Grizzlies: Lessons Learned
Author: Tim Rubbert
Year of Publication: 2006


Bruce’s Review:

This book is a compilation of stories of the author's numerous confrontations with grizzly bears. It offers his understanding of bear behavior and "proven strategies for hiking safely in bear country." After reading this book, I would offer this proven strategy for hiking safely in bear country - don't. If you do go, the author makes these points over and over: make noise, observe your surroundings, stop and check for bears and bear sign before crossing berry patches, and carry two cans of bear spray - one in your hand with the safety off. The stories are interesting, and it has numerous black and white photos of grizzly bears in the wild.

What others say (selected passages):

Every year stories about bears attacking hikers and campers hits the news headlines. Hiking With Grizzlies: Lessons Learned gives outdoors enthusiasts critically important information on how to react when meeting a bear. Author and wildlife expert Tim Rubbert's trail-tested techniques draw upon his own extensive personal experience when in the last eight years alone, hiking more than 10,000 miles, he has experienced more than 800 sightings of grizzly bears. Rubbert covers what makes some bears charge while others retreat, the best way to avoid confrontations altogether, the use of bear spray, cover making noise, remaining calm, staying together, retreating, encountering surprised bears, habituated bears, bears with cubs, and bears on carcasses. If you are planning to hike through the wilderness, give Tim Rubbert's Hiking With Grizzlies a careful reading -- it could very well save your life.

Mr. Rubbert's book is based on first hand experience. In fact, I can't imagine any one individual having hiked so many trails and having had as many first hand encounters as Tim. His photographs and renditions (especially the mauling event)puts the reader right there at the scene. Do not miss this book!!

Just finished this great read. To the point and informative Tim Rubbert takes the reader both into his mind and the minds of the bears he has lived among for 25 years. It is refreshing to finally come upon a book that focuses on the education that hikers and tourist so badly need. This book also could have been called, "Protecting Grizzlies from People." After visiting two major prime Grizzy habitats I have found that it is, indeed, the Grizzly, that needs protection from the people who innocently cannot understand the ramifications of their actions towards these intelligent bears. Tim understands and has put in much time to help his readers understand. Tim Rubbert shows the tolerance of these bears, also the naivety and the lessons that every hiker with sense should learn when out in bear country. Thank you Tim for providing me with a book that I find imperative to read over and over again. Thank you for protecting these great bears and for finally seeing with their eyes.