Book Review

Title: Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook
Author: Jim Allen
Year of Publication: 1998


Bruce’s Review:

Very good book covering most Jeep models. Lots of charts on factory tires, spring rates, engines, chassis specs, fuel tanks, etc. The focus of the book is on modifications - what works, what doesn’t , stuff that has to be changed when you change something else, etc. The author says it’s more a “what to do” book than a “how to do” book. An excellent book to use as a resource for dreaming what to spend more money on. There is a certain amount of product placement, but the companies are varied and it’s used to illustrate what’s available.

What others say (selected passages):

Jim Allen debunks the myths and leads you directly to the best products.  He explains which bolt-on parts, swaps, and modifications will give you the most bang for the buck for your CJ or Wrangler (TJ or YJ) as well as Cherokees and Grand Cherokees.

The book covers the Jeep from bumper to bumper, focusing on modifications for off-road driving but including engine and drivetrain hopups suitable for improved street performance and towing.  Tires and wheels, suspension systems, axles, transfer cases, transmissions, winches, recovery gear, brakes, electrical systems, and more are included, as well as an extensive listing of parts suppliers and retailers

As with any current Jeep book that has been on the market for a while and has been reviewed for newer Jeep model on the newest Wrangler, the coil sprung TJ, is slim at best. Info on the Grand Cherokee almost non existent, except in the listing of OEM parts. Therefore it is only three stars for any YJ/TJ owner...As always, a great book for CJ owners!!! 5 stars for CJ readers.

Offering a little bit of history, friendly advice, and a whole heap of information about Jeep aftermarket upgrade options, Allen delivers information for both hardcore and beginner alike, in a style both will enjoy. Some of our favorite chapters focused on suspensions ("Long Legs"), tires and wheels ("Footprints in the Sand"), brakes ("Whoa Nellie!"), and electrical systems ("Zap Rap"). For anyone considering a Jeep buildup or who just plain loves Jeeps, this book offers as much information about Jeeps as you'll ever find in one place.