Book Review

Title: The Jeep Bible
Author: Granville King and Willie Worthy
Year of Publication: Third Edition 2004

Bruce’s Review:

This book Chronicles Jeep utility vehicles from the Genesis of the Jeep concept and initial production for the military through the Revelation of the demise of the CJ. While the book is written more along the lines of a series of Proverbs than as a service manual, it does feature useful Numbers, wiring diagrams, vacuum hose routing diagrams, and other helpful aids for working on your pre-1987 Jeep. I had Lamentations following the phrasing and spelling in Kings sections, but it Acts to take some of us back 20 years when Granville made his Mark writing outlandish columns in some of the early four-wheel-drive magazines. Willie's chapters are really a relief when you get to them. Buy this book for an interesting read of the history of Jeep, technical descriptions for maintaing and improving your Jeep, and sources of additional information and parts. Don't expect step-by-step instructions. Even those of us with YJs and TJs and JKs will appreciate the information in this book and will find concepts that apply to our rigs. As a bible for the Jeep cult, this book does the Job. Keep hoping for a New Testament that covers YJ and TJ models!

What others say (selected passages):

If you’re one of the thousands of owners of vintage Jeeps who want to keep their vehicles rolling along well into this new millennium, the new, third edition of The Jeep Bible is just the thing you need. It covers all the stuff you want to know about MB, GPW, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7, JEEPSTER, COMMANDO and CJ-8.Also included is a special chapter on how to keep your CJ alive for 200,000 miles, and get better mileage, too. There are facts, figures, and "how-to" on modifying your CJ for top 4-wd performance. Also, a "hot list" of 700+ suppliers who want to help you along the way and an exhaustive Jeep Bookshelf. There are 320 pages packed with information, charts, tables, illustrations and diagrams. Plus lots of lively cartoons by Leo Bestgen, a well-respected automotive cartoonist.

This is the good book. Jeep freaks this is the real deal hollyfield. Easy to read, understand, and lots of stuff jeepers wanna know, forget Grisham...... Willie Worthy is my hero.

This is the book I go to for help first. It's filled with common sense troubleshooting tips. This book is geared towards the older CJs that use points and "old technology" engines. It is not a "how-to" for performance or trail build-ups, there are other books better for that. Yes, you still need factory manuals and/or Chilton's type manuals, but this one is best for the average Jeep CJ owner with an older model who needs simple help on everyday problems!